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Spring 2016 COL264: Schwanze-Beast Performance Composition-Animals and the Future This interdisciplinary course led by writer and performance artist Carmelita Tropicana explores the meaning and role of animals in our lives and problematizes neat categories and distinctions between humans and other animals. The course also examines the use of sci-fi as a genre for social and political critique. The […]

Wes Out-Loud: Stories of Place is a site-specific auditory performance piece that is conceived and created for the Wesleyan campus through collaboration between theater students and Professor Marcela Oteíza. Wes Out-Loud invites you to experience Wesleyan as a scenographic space by inserting new narratives into everyday sites. Through the juxtaposition of place and stories, we hope to bring forward the richness […]

AFAM 247: Contemporary African American Poetry and Its Pasts https://iasext.wesleyan.edu/regprod/!wesmaps_page.html?crse=014503&term=1161 AFAM 304: Philosophy of Memory in African American Literature https://iasext.wesleyan.edu/regprod/!wesmaps_page.html?crse=014506&term=1161 AFAM 306: Visual Storytelling: Race, (In)Visibility, and the American Landscape https://iasext.wesleyan.edu/regprod/!wesmaps_page.html?crse=014505&term=1161 CHUM 320: Modern Intellectual History in Global Perspectives https://iasext.wesleyan.edu/regprod/!wesmaps_page.html?crse=014504&term=1161 QAC 311: Longitudinal Data Analysis https://iasext.wesleyan.edu/regprod/!wesmaps_page.html?crse=014511&term=1161 QAC 312: Hierarchical Linear Models https://iasext.wesleyan.edu/regprod/!wesmaps_page.html?crse=014510&term=1161 QAC 314: Survival […]

The Wesleyan Spring Intensive is a new opportunity that will allow you to plunge into a new course every three weeks and to intensively focus on project or topic at a time rather than balancing several. The goal of the program is to give students an opportunity to build cohesiveness across their courses, collaborate with […]

FREN 281 Fall 2015 Section: 01   Crosslisting: THEA 291 This course offers students the opportunity to put their language skills in motion by discovering French and Francophone theater in general, and acting in French in particular. This transhistorical course will introduce students to acting techniques while allowing them to discover the richness of the French and Francophone dramatic repertoires. […]

The following Psychology classes still have many seats available for all students, including first year students.  Instructors have indicated that they will waive the prerequisite as noted (and will adjust the class accordingly): PSYC 251 Sec 01 & 02: Psychopathology (will waive Intro) PSYC 221 Sec 01 & 02: Human Memory (will waive Intro) PSYC […]

African Studies is holding an information session on Monday, April 6 to advertise courses and other possibilities for students, including HIST 217 Africa to 1800, ARHA 299 African History and Art, GOVT 324 Africa in World Politics, and multiple sessions of West African Dance and West African Music and Culture.

On Friday, April 3 will be an info session at noon in Allbritton 311 for Wesleyan’s Civic Engagement Certificate, a unique program that encourages students to reflect on their civic life and integrate it with their academics. This is a great opportunity to ask current CEC students about their experiences, learn about upcoming courses, and get ideas for your practicum […]

A new opportunity available to Wesleyan students next spring! Information sessions: Thursday, 4/2 at 12:30 – pizza lunch in Usdan 110 Tuesday, 4/7 at 7:30 in Usdan 110 The Wesleyan “Spring Intensive” will allow students to plunge into a new course every three weeks and to intensively focus on one course at a time rather […]

History 171 – War Comes to Middletown Ronald Schatz Department of History One hundred years ago World War I changed the world. Known as the Great War, the war had global impact. The class “War Comes to Middletown” (HIST171) explores an impact of events of global magnitude on one community.  Focused in Middletown, the course […]

Interested in taking a course that allows you to make a concrete difference in the Middletown community, in addition to learning about community research methods?  Consider applying for the Community Research Seminar, a 1.5 credit course for juniors and seniors of all majors offered this spring with Professor Rob Rosenthal. The Community Research Seminar is […]

Introduction to Animal Welfare Science ENVS 231 taught by Liv Baker Animal Welfare Science (AWS) developed as a multidisciplinary field of research to address animal well-being. It draws upon information and methodology from a host of disciplines to address individual-level concerns of non-human animals. It incorporates components of veterinary medicine, neuroscience, animal behavior, and physiology. […]

The Acceleration of Europe: Mobility and Communication, 1000-­1700 CHUM 267 Fall 2014 Crosslisting: HIST 392 This research course explores the thesis that during the Middle Ages, Europeans began to move faster, to move more often, and, by doing so, transformed the nature of social life, cultural life, and the character of selves and minds in […]

The Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life invites applications from students in all majors for a new program to begin in Fall 2014 that will engage twenty students in a Cluster of three one-credit courses, a year-long collaborative research project, and a range of associated lectures and academic and social activities throughout the […]

HIST 182: Sophomore Seminar: Imaginary Empires: The French, English, and Native Northeast, 1604-1784 Jeffers Lennox Thursdays, 1:10-4:00pm Northeastern North America during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries was a place where European powers imagined their empires, local settlers worked to create a sense of permanence, and Indigenous nations fought to retain their power while negotiating new […]

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