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WHY: Much of the conversation around climate change is dominated by the narrative of “doom-and-gloom.” We believe it is time to focus on solutions in order to move towards climate justice. The focus on the right kinds of solutions from a myriad of perspectives can help put us on the path towards a better future. […]

The 14th Annual Molecular Biophysics and Biological Chemistry Retreat will take place on Wednesday, September 25 at the Wadsworth Mansion.  The retreat will feature seminars from four faculty: Wesleyan’s Francis Starr, Irina Russu, Rex Pratt, and Wesleyan alumna Mihaila-Rita Mihailescu from Duquesne University http://www.duq.edu/academics/faculty/rita-mihailescu Graduate and undergraduate students from the Molecular Biophysics program will present […]

The Cold War of the Middle East: Saudi Arabia-Iran Relations Since tensions have been escalating recently between the two nations, with notable US involvement, this is particularly timely topic. From nuclear concerns to religious conflict, this topic features multiple facets that cannot be understood alone. Though the conflict is a complex one, we hope this […]